Tips for Preparing for PTE Academic Test


By reading this article, you will know what you need to prepare when entering the PTE exam room.

1. Book the test

πŸ”† Choose a suitable test center: An advice for you is to choose the test place and time that suits you, calculate and book your test schedule 1 month in advance. Contact PTE Leader to help book the exam or you can book yourself at:Β

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πŸ”† After booking your test, your job is to wait for an email from Pearson confirming the exam schedule information. Note that you should use the same name as on PASSPORT. For example: Mai Thi Luu, when registering for the exam you should fill in the registration information: First name: Thi Luu, Last name: Mai. In addition, other information such as date of birth must also be accurate to avoid wasting time later.


πŸ”† Arrive at least 30 minutes early and avoid traffic jams or problems along the way. After arriving, the boss will take fingerprints, signatures and photos. Finally, you will have time to reread some of the requirements/rules in the exam room (remember to read carefully).

πŸ”† The exam will take place in 2 hours, please arrange to go to the bathroom before taking the exam, because there will be no break in the middle of the exam.

πŸ”† Please check Headsets before taking the exam. Check the appropriate position of the mic, the voice when heard back must be loud enough, clear, without noise, the sound on both sides of the headset must be loud and clear. If you feel uncomfortable about the device, you can ask the test center for help.

πŸ”† Check to see if the pen you are given can write

πŸ”† During the exam, stay in a comfortable and confident mood to complete the exam. I mentioned before that the test room will be quite noisy (during the speaking test), so you need to change your mind and maintain concentration.

πŸ”† If you need any help, you are not allowed to talk to other candidates because it is a violation of the exam room rules, but boldly ask the invigilators for support.

πŸ”† After taking the test, you will usually receive the results after 24-48 hours.

‼️ IMPORTANT: In addition to preparing well in terms of knowledge, carefully reviewing the test format, and having a clear learning path right from the beginning, you need to clearly understand the test structure (types of questions/number of questions). questions) to be more proactive and understand the operations better during the exam. Above all, you should take PTE Leader's MockTest as standard as the real test, it will help you easily achieve the desired results!

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